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Reiki Energy Healing

Have you ever experienced the healing power when your mother’s hand touches your body?

Everyone is born with this natural healing power.

Reiki healing, which originated in Japan, applies natural healing power, and is now practiced all over the world as an alternative medicine.


Through careful placement of the hands Reiki balances the body and heart, fosters natural self-healing, and relaxes and reduces stress. It is also beneficial to address sleeping problems. It releases emotions trapped in your heart. Reiki helps you love yourself just the way you are.

【What can Reiki heal?】

Pain reduction or elimination
Improving natural immunity
Beneficial to overcome fatigue / Stress reduction and releasing tension in the body
Balancing the chakras, which are the centers of rotating energy
Healing and releasing any trauma and grief from the past

Beneficial in how we handle relationships
Making or handling changes in life

And much more…

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